HippaWare Announces Health App Software Launch

New platform increases health-app productivity by 90%

JANUARY 27, 2018 – For brokers, TPAs, and reinsurers: collecting and processing health applications can be difficult to navigate. The team at HippaWare recognizes these difficulties, especially since health apps are generally generated through paper or online systems, which aren’t especially cost-effective or user-friendly.

“How does a broker show their customers fully-insured vs. self-funded quotes without claims data or health apps? They don’t,” said the team at HippaWare.

Many professionals agree that if processes could be easily automated, then more competitive quotes and a higher level of customer care can be offered. In addition, professionals would be able to enjoy increased customer retention on the basis of a more comprehensive quoting process.

HippaWare is proud to offer a dynamic solution to these issues. HippaWare is an online platform designed to enable insurance firms to manage a higher volume of clientele quickly and accurately. This software offers a health app-only option that handles 90% of the work required for these apps.

“Hippaware is the difference between an afternoon of sorting, collating and reviewing individually provided healthcare data or less than an hour of unencumbered review.  As most owners well know, time is money”–Byrd Preston, Vice President of Underwriting, Bardon Insurance Group

The electronic health application features a comprehensive electronic medical questionnaire for quoting self-funded health plans in English and Spanish. Fully HIPAA compliant, the application features two-factor authentication for optimum security, and double encryption on the server adds an extra layer of protection.

For applicants without internet access, a printable version of the application is available.

An employee census data loader offers broker self-service and a customizable census report, which allows for quoting, onboarding, and installation purposes. Password encrypted PDF reports are available for stop-loss underwriters and carriers. The software isn’t tied to a marketplace, which allows you to work with the carriers most appropriate for the client’s needs.

More information about HippaWare’s scalability tools can be found at https://www.hippaware.com.

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HippaWare helps insurance industry professionals add new clientele by automating and managing all aspects of paperwork, compliance, and communication.


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